Pretty Girls Poop Too

Dear Daughter,

I realize you are having such a hard time at your new school. You are a strong and smart fifth grade student with an incredible future ahead. I’m sorry that you are struggling with the “pretty girls” at school. Self-image is such a pitfall at your age. Whether or not one is skinny enough, pretty enough, outgoing enough. Has the right clothes, shoes, or hair-dos.

I wish I could make you understand what you will understand in 20 years. That is absolutely none of that matters. When you are 30 and you look back at fifth grade, you might look back as it was a bad year. You might feel like it was inconsequential. You might even end up looking back at it with fondness.

The truth of the matter is, my dear daughter, you are beautiful! You have a will for success that most adults are still looking for. You are capable and able to quite literally become anything you set your mind to, because you work hard and have incredible focus. I don’t say that because I’m a mom cheering on my sweet girl. I say that because you are who you are!

When the pretty girl mentality starts to weigh you down. When it starts to cause your internal voice to say “you aren’t good enough.” Remember one thing; pretty girls poop, too.

Since you understand how ugly pooping can be, you can now with 100% assurance know that pretty girls are not pretty all the time! 🙂

I can tell you, my dear daughter, that beauty at this age is quite literally skin deep. Just because one shows beauty on the outside, does not mean they are pretty on the inside. It takes class and character to be beautiful on the inside. These are characteristics you embody.

I will always encourage you to be your best, work hard, and always strive to succeed! You are an asset to this world! Be who you are meant to me. Be you!


Your Momma


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