Human Christians

I am confused!

At what point did it become a bad thing to be a Christian in THIS country? At what point did it become a bad thing to be an Atheist in THIS country? At what point did it become a bad thing to be Jewish? Or anything else regarding religious freedoms…

I’m confused because I love all my friends, family, acquaintances, “enemies,” those who agree with my faith and even more so those who disagree. Every single one of these people challenge me, encourage me, and usually always make me feel even stronger about the sacredness of Biblical contexts.

There are many things happening in our country that get A LOT of media attention. And it’s not always something that makes me proud to say they are my brother or sister in Christ. Even my brothers and sisters in Christ struggle with sin, judgmental attitudes, arrogance, and the like.

Our human nature is the same as a non-believer. We struggle with infidelity, jealousy, bigotry, drunkenness, addiction, pride, greed, lust. We struggle with the desire to better our selves in a world that touts  a “self-help” mentality. We struggle with holding our tongue, controlling our anger, turning our cheeks. We even struggle with loving our neighbors as ourselves. We love our kids like a non-believer, we help our friends, family and others. We care about our country. We vote for elected officials. We seek higher education to be better contributors to our society. We DO seek to better our selves to be better members of boards, communities, playgroups.

All that the same as a non-believer, there is one main difference for a believer to a non-believer and that is we wholeheartedly believe we do NOT have to do any of that alone. But that does not make a Christian better than a non-Christian.

In our country. In this world. In this society, WHY would one person want to travel these merciless roads alone? Why would you want to face adversity in a no-win situation alone? Who wouldn’t want a best-friend, a guide, someone who MIGHT already know the outcome by your side helping you call the plays?

That person to the Christian is the Lord. He knows our paths. Knows the end result. He has gone before us and set our direction to bring Him glory and us (and others) blessings. We are just people trying to find our way back to a home we desire to live and share the Joy that comes from following that path.

So when you see a Christian that is as flamboyant or outspoken like Kim Davis, who is struggling with understanding exactly what grace is, be that example to her with the grace you may not have faith in. Show her or others what you expect Christians to behave like.

God loves each of us perfectly through our imperfections. What a world it would be if we loved each other unconditionally the same way.

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