Christian Brothers and Sisters, Where Were We?

Dear Friends,

The legalization of same-sex marriages is the least of our concerns. Our world is being shrouded in darkness. Where were we when the world needed light? Where were we when our neighbors were struggling with infidelity? Drug abuse? Domestic abuse? Children attitudes? Where were we when our president was elected? When our leaders were elected? When the country we love so much was under attack?

Where were we when our children were asking for guidance? Love? Patience? Attention?

Where were we when children were killing each other? When words became violence? When pornography became an acceptable form of entertainment? When bigotry and hypocrisy became normal behaviors for believers?

I know where I wasn’t. I wasn’t on my knees daily praying. I wasn’t on my knees praying for our leaders. I wasn’t asking for guidance in my decisions. I wasn’t paying enough attention to my neighbor. I wasn’t looking for ways to be light in a dark situation. I wasn’t a listening ear. I was an irritated partner in drama.

And here we are! In a world, where when any moment of the absence of light, Satan pounces on. This world is not my home, and I know that. But that does not give me license to be lazily moving about. It does not give me permission to walk past the homeless person and not ask if they need help. It does not give me permission to argue over semantics with a non-believer all the while hoping my Bible thumping will change their ways.

Satan is waiting at every moment for us to fall asleep. He is waiting for our laziness and apathetic Christian practices to appear. That becomes his moment. That becomes the moment he slithers in and makes mountains out of mole hills.

Friends, we are called to be light. We are called to be salt. We are supposed to be the love in an unlovable situation. We should ooze joy out of us because we have Jesus in us.

Jesus wasn’t a wayward friend. He didn’t pick and choose the sins of those he would be okay with, all the while dismissing others. He loved everyone. BUT he was firm in his “go and sin no more.”

I am a sinner. I believe fully that Corinthians identifies sin. It does not sugar coat it. I believe in Biblical Marriage. But I am not willing to let my friends and family that are homosexual feel like any less of a person. I will stand up for them. I will not let anyone bully them. I will not let anyone bash them.

I will not let ANYONE bash my Jesus!

Friends, pray. Do not let Satan slip through. We can pray for God’s miraculous hand in our world. We can pray that he will heal, forgive, provide mercy and grace. That more will come to see his gift of Salvation is free! Do not allow darkness to enter where you can be light!

Satan is pouncing all over this divide caused by this unfortunate divide between some Christians and the LGBTQ community. He is LOVING the arguing. He is feasting on anger and frustration. We cannot let him have this moment. Love everyone, because we are NOT perfect. Do not let your spiritual light dim or go out for any moment. Be in the Word and prayer all the time. Pray without ceasing. Love without conditions.

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