Jesus Christ the Superstar


I have a pet peeve. And it’s not one that is going to be liked by many.

I do not like Jesus Christ the Superstar.

Now before you jump my guns and call me a heathen, let me clarify. In our culture there are many types of doctrine being spoken and taught. Most popular is that of the “Prosperity Doctrine.” But that is not what this post is about.

I’m talking about mega-churches with lights, camera and action. Church that is a production. Church that is loud. Church that makes Jesus Christ a celebrity instead of a savior and sovereign Lord. Church that elevates a club-like atmosphere. I feel like I’m attending a rock concert when I go. I do not like it. It’s my choice to not like it. But I can’t help but feel like this type of worship is leading more away from the narrow gate than to it. We have to be careful in worship that we aren’t worshiping the idea of Jesus, and that we are worshiping Jesus and praising him. In large crowds it is easy to get sucked into the lights, the emotion that sweeping through. It happens at rock concerts as well.

ImageJesus proclaims the path is wide but the gate is narrow in Matthew 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

And these loud, bright, churches that elevate personal success to heaven versus Jesus’ way, frighten me.

Our culture has swallowed up and embraced Jesus Christ the Superstar. They have elevated him like we would elevate a celebrity or sports star. They have given humanistic success and a stage.

Jesus does not need a stage. He doesn’t require the lights. And if I were to be so bold, he most definitely does not use lights and cameras and big giant TVs to share a message.

Jesus wants us in a quiet corner. He wants us in relationship with him in prayer. In our personal studies. In our reverent come before him behavior. For goodness sake, HE IS GOD! Act like it!

Jesus came, lived, healed, was beaten, killed, and then rose from the freaking dead. HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD! He is not Kevin Costner or Jack Nicholson. He is bigger than the stages we “worship” him on. He is bigger than the TVs. He is more in focus than a cameraman could do.

Jesus is God. He is authority above all. He is sovereign. He is in everything. When we come before him, we shouldn’t come with bright lights and stages. We should come humbled, sinful creatures that deserve NOTHING from him, but he has GIVEN us EVERYTHING! He has blessed us full of grace. He has loved us in our most unlovable state.

What rock star has done this? Why do we treat Jesus like he’s a rock star? He is NOT a rock star.

I want to rid our culture of Jesus Christ the Superstar and bring back Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior!



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