Happy Birthday, Mason!

Mason Robert

Happy Birthday!
You are strong.
Loving and snuggling.
Wonderful in all ways even when you drive me crazy.
You love to laugh and have an incredible smile.
You are talented and smart.
And ALWAYS hungry!!!!
You are the son I’ve always wanted and the alien that took him over at times. šŸ™‚
You eat like someone hasn’t eaten in years.

Every. 25. Minutes!

You learn quickly.
You are too smart for your own good.
You were such a fat chunky monkey when you were little. I knew where you put the food.
Now I am amazed at how much you eat and how skinny your legs are.
You run NONSTOP.
Probably the reason you are so skinny.
Maybe I should run around like you.
Then I could eat EVERY 25 MINUTES!


In your 5 brief years of life you have blessed our family beyond imaginable stars.
You bring so much laughter to our lives.
You make me sooooooooo mad.
You make me SOOOOOOOOOO happy!
You love your sister.
Most brothers don’t admit it.
You aren’t any different.
You have two extra teeth.
Kinda weird.

You love to play the Wii Mariocart.
And you have mad driving skills. Also wreckless driving skills.
Which scares me for 11 years down the road from today.
We’ll have to make sure you haven’t spent much time on Mariocart when you start driving real life cars.
Your bike will do for now.

You have an unhealthy addiction to sugar.
I’m thinking your blood and major tissue is sugar based.
But when you act like you are filled with vinegar, I doubt my sugar conclusion.
But donuts and candy are your favorite.
You didn’t eat the birthday cake I made you, I’m kinda offended.
It did contain sugar.

You love to hit and get a rise out of Kara.
Stop hitting her.

I love you so much.
You are quite a boy!
And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Except for one thing,
Could you eat less, please.
I’m going broke!

Thanks for the most exciting 5 years a mom could ask for.
Could we make the next 5 a little less exciting?
Just sayin!

“But Mom”

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