Hollywood’s Bible

ImageThe Bible movement in movies has become quite an impacting tool .. for Christians and Satan alike.

The direction in which we portray the Bible can turn people away from God. The hard part is that Hollywood is a different culture. The ideas that typically surround a Bible story on the big screen come from motivations of money and grandeur. Not usually (in my opinion) to spread the Gospel.

When Christians and Believers put Biblical standards on a portrayal of a Bible story produced and written by those who may not believe or understand the Gospel, who are we disappointing? Definitely not those who are going to the movie for entertainment.

The Bible wasn’t written as a movie script. It wasn’t written as a #1 TV Series. It was written as a guideline of how to live a Christlike life to bring glory to God. It was written to teach us how to love. How to care for the poor. How to love the sinner. How to forgive. How to ask for forgiveness.

When I see Bible stories coming out on the big screen .. i.e. “Noah” .. my heart is already sunk. Not because of the entertainment factor, but because there will be thousands of non-believers that will go see this movie and leave with the impression of it being the Biblical truth.

Can I tell Hollywood not to make Biblical-based movies? No. Can I tell the non-believer to NOT go see Biblical based movies? No.

Can I prepare my spirit to answer the questions that these types of movies will spur? Yes.

Can I call on God to intervene when someone is unsure? Absolutely. Can I pray for agents from God to be placed in a non-believers path so that he or she can get the truth? Yes.

We are in a time where movies are incredibly influential. Story lines are more real than ever. People relate to characters. Cinematography is impressive. Production dollars are high.

When the Bible starts becoming something they are writing scripts about, it doesn’t spur anger or confusion for me. Hollywood will do what Hollywood does.

What it does do to me is make me incredibly concerned for those who are led even further off the path to the narrow gate. A tool of distraction. That is what concerns me about Hollywood’s Bible.

Hollywood’s Bible is one of lights and cameras. It’s one of notoriety. The Hollywood Bible is not spiritual. It’s not loving. It’s not one of victory over death. It’s a distorted perverted perspective on the Christian God.

God will have the final say in this industry. I just pray that those who get sucked into this “produced” Bible that an agent is placed right in front of them to correct their path!

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