Saying “Goodbye”

Have you ever moved away?

Have you ever had a friend move away?

Have you ever experienced that heartache as an 8-year-old second grader saying “goodbye” to her “best friend?”

Today is that day. And my daughter is that 8 year old. I know that her friend is having just as much, if not more, sadness because she is moving. Not just away from my dear daughter, but from all her friends she has made through her elementary experience.

When putting Kara to bed tonight, she pulled out her matching shirt she had made. A couple weeks ago she made matching shirts for her and her dear friend, to ensure that her friend wouldn’t forget her. Well tonight, Kara pulled out this shirt to sleep in and broke down in tears.

How does a mom comfort the loss of a friend like this? How does a mom instill the confidence in her child that she can still be friends with her friend even though they are separated by thousands of miles? How do I keep from crying for my daughters heartbreak?

I know this little girl that is moving away. She has slept over at our house many times. Since joining the same second grade class this year, they were inseparable at school and attempted to be inseparable on the weekends. Her family attended our church the past few months, which in Kara and Friend’s eyes meant they could see each other “six days a week” they once said.

How do I alleviate this sadness that wells up in Kara’s eyes?

I try to explain they can write letters, send pictures, call each other on the phone. But for Kara, that doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I know she will miss her friend. I know her friend will miss Kara and all her friends she has gained the past few years. I am sure that Friend’s mom is dealing with the same emotions for her daughter.

It is so much easier to experience the heartbreak as an adult. This is rough watching my Kara experience this.

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