Dear Mom with that list

Dear Mom with the mile-long to-do list,

Your kids will wait for you to get it done, impatiently at times. But they won’t be little the entire time. Don’t miss this opportunity. It will get done.

Your house might be a bit messy, and it will wait for you. But your kids won’t be this little tomorrow.

The junk piled corners will still be there later in the day when your littles are napping, quietly (if ever) entertaining themselves, or tomorrow. But the important thing he needs to say will leave his mind and won’t be back. So listen to their concerns, thoughts and words even if it interrupts.

Parenting is hard. You go into it with ideas of grandeur. Thoughts of ribbons and bows. That everything in life becomes this pastel shaded world. Children are perfectly pressed, with manners.

But life isn’t that way at all. My house is usually messy (unless a new friend is coming over .. must impress). My kids dress themselves .. thank goodness for school uniforms. And while admitting this might be a bit of a TMI statement, showers and baths are not on a regular schedule.

Let your kids get hurt. Let them play so hard that when it comes time for bedtime they are so tired they just want to climb into bed and have only one story instead of two. Give them those last 14 kisses and hugs at night they are requesting. Tuck them in just one more time after they go potty (for the 9th time) .. even after you’ve just sat down on the couch got your blanket over your legs and have proceeded to watch your favorite EVENING TV programming .. bc if the TV is on during the day .. the little pirates take over.

Pray.. Pray with and for your kids.

For in just 8 sweet hours of sleep, they will wake up older. They will wake up with new questions. Probably some that baffle you. New vocabulary will escape their rested and encouraged mouths. Danger will either elude them or prevent them. New activities will become favorite pasttimes. And toys they once loved to play with will be dubbed “baby toys.” Even though yesterday they played with them until their hearts were content.

Mom, try not to stress the errands, the messy kitchen, the toys scattered on the floors, the laundry that’s piling up (my nemesis). For tomorrow your baby might not be a baby anymore.

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