Making a House a Home

Making a house a home is a difficult task. I’m in constant amazement that military families can walk into a house, knowing they are going to be there only a few years, and in no time have it turned immediately into a warm and welcoming home. Perhaps it’s that they are trained to respond to change in a short period of time. Or maybe they are longing for that solid foundation of a home like everyone else.

But for me, living in Alaska for almost 6 years, I still have NOT turned my house into a home. And I am confident that it is because we have talked about moving since moving. I haven’t felt grounded, rooted in this community because I’ve been waiting to move to our home (wherever that might be).

Recently, Aaron and I decided to stay put in Alaska and table the discussion of moving until we were debt free (cue the Dave Ramsey program). This could take many years. If we are diligent it will take less time. But anyways, now that the topic of moving is out of our vocabulary, we will be turning our house .. our cold, undecorated, unwelcoming, stark house .. into a warm, inviting home.

Decor changes everything for a family. Organization influences the family. Having a functioning system gives the family some direction. I want that for our family.

I want my kids are on the walls (not in the permanent marker fashion). I want pictures of our family all over the place. I want ALL pictures .. not just professionally taken pictures .. pictures from our adventures. I want COLOR on the walls. No more of this bland cream. And I am excited to go room by room and make it OUR OWN!!!

So next time you are in our home, I hope that it’s welcoming, comfortable and warm. And that you can tell that a family lives here and that it’s not a rental house! HAHAHA


Sometimes it's the little things here and there that makes a home feel like a home. Don't get to caught up with what's stylish or what's in this season. ;)

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