Day 13: A Color I am Thankful for

There are so many colors. They all represent so many things. Especially if you are a believer and accepter of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

Thankfully, when God created this universe and world, He made it colorful. Knowing that when He created mankind, we would be a visual being. One that is susceptible to the world we see.

I imagine him placing a color here, green there, blue here, white there. When I look out my windows at the wondrous landscape of Alaska, I am amazed at how precisely placed everything is. Every color. Every tree. Every animal. Every beam of light hits the earth just as God designed it to.

Because of all these things, I am thankful for the color yellow.

It’s not necessarily my favorite color, but it is one I am thankful for. Yellow inspires smiles. It insinuates joy. Encourages laughter. Is often used when there is new life. It’s the color of many flowers. Placed in nurseries. The color of the sun.

Could you imagine life without the color of the sun? I can’t. Yellow is intriguing, inspiring, magnificent, bright, bold, life giving, happiness encouragement.

Today, I am thankful for the color yellow!

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