Day 11: A Time of Day I am Thankful for


Well I can assure you it is not 6 a.m.,though Mason is thankful for that time.

It’s likely bedtime.
Let’s face it, folks, being a parent is the most rewarding activity ever .. when you’re a grandparent.
But bedtime marks a successful day. Especially if you are a parent to a child like, Mason.

He goes and goes and goes and falls and gets up and goes and goes and bites and tantrums and goes and briefly naps to reenergize his going.
He LOVES to get his sisters goat.
Loves to drive me 92.5% into a padded room facility. LOVES to wrestle his daddy.

He almost always refuses to eat what I suggest, usually opting for something else, but always comes back to what I have offered in the first freaking place.

He throws things.
Makes HUMONGOUS messes.
REALLY can tick me off.
Draws on the walls.
Gives THE BEST hugs and kisses.
Requires exactly two stories and 5 minutes of private reading time EVERY NIGHT!

Seriously loves to tick Kara off. I think he wakes up at 6 a.m. to get his game plan in order. NO JOKE!

He never flushes the toilet.
Runs around in his underwear, even if it is 20 degrees outside. (we only keep our house at 65)
Throws pillows into ceiling fans.
Will take the one thing Kara will need, just to see if she notices and just how mad it will make her.

Yes, bedtime I am thankful for, because that means Mason and I survived another day together. I pray all day for God to grant me the wisdom in how to raise this boy of mine. He is rambunctious, challenging, energetic, loveable, cuddly, and SOMETIMES sweet! But bedtime signifies that God got me through another day .. wait wait .. let me rephrase .. blessed me with another solid day of being Mason’s mommy!

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