Day 9: An Emotion I’m Thankful For


I’m sure if someone else were to read this they would expect something like ‘love’ or ‘happy’ or something like that. But let’s face, y’all, I am NOT an emotional person. Well, not in public anyway.

To be honest, the emotion I am thankful for is fear. Is that weird!??!

Fear is a driving factor. Think about it. You don’t do something because you fear failure. OR you do something because your fear failure. You speak your mind because you fear that lost moment. You don’t speak your mind because you don’t want to offend someone.

You tell others how you feel about them because you fear you won’t have another chance. You don’t tell someone how you feel because you fear rejection. 

FDR says we have “nothing to fear but fear itself.” And that statement is no truer today than it was when he said it. 

Why am I thankful for fear? Fear is the driving force behind my love and belief in Jesus. With God in my life, I have NOTHING to fear. That probably seems a bit backward from being appreciative of the emotion of fear. But hear me out.

We can control our fear. We can direct it. We can filter it. We can use it, or lose it. We can have fear for losing loved ones. Fear properly tells me when to not get involved in a situation, or tells me when to get involved. 

Today I am thankful for fear.

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