Day 6: A Memory I am Thankful For

memory-1The are MANY memories I am thankful for, especially today. I turned 32 years old today. I’m sure my parents are feeling good and old now. I was driving in my car earlier to get some coffee and I was remembering so many things that have happened in my life. Good and bad. And I knew that this topic was today’s “Thankful” challenge topic. Part of the reason I was thinking (not a safe activity for me).

So I thought, why have one memory I’m thankful for. I simply can’t have one. I have too many.

In my 32 years of life:
Moved in and out of my parents house only 4 times
I moved 18 times
Attended 8 schools from kindergarten through grad school
Have owned 7 cars
Made some God awful choices
Made some God blessed choices
Enjoyed the flavors of wine
I have only been a participant in two car accidents
One speeding ticket
One jury duty summons
One underage drinking ticket
Made the most incredible friends
Driven through Canada
Given life to two of the most beautiful children on the planet
Married the most amazing and goal driven ambitious man (8.5 years ago and counting)
Have seen the downright worse in people
Have experienced the phenomenal best potential in people
Witnessed death and life
Experienced failure
Experience success
Cried, laughed, and prayed at the same time
Fought with all my heart for something I knew was right
Have learned how to apologize and ask for forgiveness
Learned to admit when I am wrong
Have made decisions on when to argue and when to walk away
Learned the Jesus is my homeboy, brother, and Savior!!!
Found out that I am more capable to accomplish BIG things than I ever thought I was
Watched proudly my children learn new things
Celebrated 31 other birthdays with people I love, this one won’t be any different

When it comes to one favorite memory, that is just too hard. It could be the birth of our daughter and our son. Our wedding day. The day I graduated high school, or college, or grad school. Could be the memory of birthdays past. That every year on my birthday, my grandma would make my favorite Beef Stroganoff. Or that on Thanksgiving we would go to gramma’s and grandpa’s house. Or the annual Christmas tree cutting experiences up the mountain. Like the year we couldn’t make it up the mountain because there was so much snow. Or the day that I finally got my own room when I was 10. It was white with yellow trim. My mom worked so hard. Or playing night games in the neighborhood as a kid in Kansas with all the other neighbor kids and how we had free run of the neighborhood.

Or the long bike rides. Or the summers I would spend a couple weeks at my aunt’s house helping her with her kids when I was a teen. Or the first night I spent in my very own apartment .. the one I didn’t have roommates in. My 21st birthday .. wow that was a trip. OR my 30th birthday! My 17th birthday at my friend Penny’s house and the smarty war ensued. We had some marks from that war.

But the ironic realization about today .. and probably the least important of anything

I have been a licensed driver for half my life!


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