Day 5: A Word I am Thankful For

Can there be many words I am thankful for?? Words have such power. They can change how people feel, think, act. Words are informative. They can encourage someone, or break them down. They can influence leaders, friends, family. Words are challenging when trying to use them in anger or love. Books, songs, poems, all filled with words. Games revolve around words.

Conversations, letters, e-mails, texts are sent using words. Words provide ways for us to examine our hearts. Research subjects. Learn more about people. Words can hurt so fiercely that we don’t even realize how damaging words are until they are spoken or written.

Words cannot be taken back.

Words cannot be forgotten.

Words cannot be unused.

We use them in every way. For every purpose. For sharing, caring, loving, kindness. Expressing a need or desire. Expressing when we hurt. Expressing when we are blessed. Words are expressive.

Words are used to fight with. They are used to bring peace.

To pick one word that I am thankful for is hard because I love words. I am not always good with words. I sometimes say things I don’t mean, or shouldn’t say even if I mean them.

But to pick one word that encompasses this task…..


That is one word I am thankful for. Forgiveness is painful, loving, forced, easy. It’s a choice. It’s a necessity to live in this life. Forgiveness is required to move on from the past. Forgiveness is required to build relationships, to mature, to grow as a caring and loving person. I am sometimes terrible with this word, in action. But when I think about this word, it makes me feel like I am able to provide it, even in situations that have deeply wounded me.

Forgiveness is a great word. A heavy word. I am thankful for it.

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