Day 4: A Trinket I am Thankful For

1_c25bd3403164604bfc2e0402ae890e82I have to admit, this thankful category was hard for me. I am not one that holds on to material items. My kids are likely going to grow up and be angry because I don’t have a lot of “memorabilia” from their childhood. Let’s just say I started watching the show “Hoarders” before it was cool.

So I had to think about a “trinket.” Then I had to look up what “trinket” was. Something of little monetary value, but loads of emotional value (dictionary summary by Samantha).

I thought and thought …. and thought. I finally came to conclusion that even though it’s a piece of jewelry, it means a ton to me. I have no idea of the monetary value, but just that my Gramma Jennie wanted me to have it. It’s her PEO ring.

PEO is a women’s organization that I belong to that does philanthropy work for women who want to attend college. I was initiated into PEO when I was 19. My mom was a member, aunts, grandma, great aunts, and great great aunts (I believe).  And someone else I think. 

So when my Gramma was in her last moments, she expressed to my aunt that she wanted me to have a few things, among them was her presidency ring. I LOVE this little gold ring that symbolizes something my Gramma loved! She was passionate about PEO and the work the sisterhood did. It was her dream that her granddaughters participated in this sisterhood. And the first thing I did when I moved to Alaska was look for a PEO sisterhood.

I wear this ring proudly. PEO in Alaska is very different than elsewhere. But even that is changing. And when I where my Gramma’s PEO ring I feel her PEO empowering spirit.

My Gramma died last year in November just before Thanksgiving. It’s weird having her gone. I still have her cell phone number programmed into my cell phone and had to remind myself on her birthday in October she was no longer with us. I was extremely close with my grandparents. And I cannot wait to see them again!

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