Day 2: A Place I am Thankful For….

Alaska is Home

Let’s see if I can make it through this one without crying, because it was totally God’s plan not mine. And sometimes acknowledging those plans, accepting them, and going forth with them can be overwhelming.

I. Am. Thankful. For. Alaska.

Before moving to Alaska, Aaron and I were fighting constantly. There was an immense amount of tension in my family that was consuming me and my marriage. I doubted everything, everyone, my purpose, my life, my direction, relationships. It was not healthy.

I remember the day Aaron and I decided we were going to move to Alaska. It was September of 2007. We didn’t have a dime in the bank, or a promise of a financial ability. Just decided in one swooping conversation.

It took us months before we decided to tell our family and friends. We didn’t want people to be angry. Didn’t want them sad. Really didn’t want anyone to try to talk us out of it. Utah was not a healthy place for us. But because we are/were private people, no one really knew the battles that were taking place behind our closed doors.

It was a decision that would change the course for us. In eight months we managed to save all the money to relocate. It wasn’t us. It was totally God. He put us in a position to be able to move. The frame of mind might have been unstable, but it was totally a God thing. His plan for our life to be here.

Aaron applied for teaching job after teaching job in Alaska. Participated in several phone interviews all leading to “regrets” letters; “We selected another candidate.” yada yada .. thanks!!

We had a moving truck scheduled to arrive May 25, 2008. It was coming no matter what. And we had decided we would just pick up odd jobs and live very cheaply to make it work in Alaska. I was not scared. I knew God had a plan.

Eight days before the moving truck arrived, Aaron received a phone call from the principal at Polaris K12 School in Anchorage. EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!! They had selected him as their candidate to teach their high school biological sciences. God again!!!

That relief was incredible. The excitement set in. And off we went on an adventure unlike any other.

Since moving to Alaska, I have fallen in love all over again with Aaron. Fallen in love with Jesus. Gave birth to my son. Purchased our second house. Made INCREDIBLE friends. Learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. Love everything about our life.

Alaska has provided us such opportunities to be faithful, loving, and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on this God created planet! He sure knew what He was doing when He plucked us up from Utah and placed us in Alaska!

Today, I am thankful for Alaska!

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