Day 1: A Person I am Thankful For

This is a really hard one to narrow down one person I am thankful for. There are so many people in my life that have played such an intricate role in influencing who I am becoming as a person.

I could start with my parents. They raised me to be strong-willed and independent. Allowing me my personal freedom of thought. Encouraging me to be whoever and whatever I wanted in life. Even supporting me through my mistakes.

My sister, who fought with me tooth and nail about every aspect in our life growing up. Without knowing, she taught me how to stand my ground, as well as when to concede.

Thankful for the relationship I have with my aunts. All of them. All so different. All so fun, private, and confident.

My cousin, Dawn. More like “frousins.” We were inseparable for so long, and we still talk every day. Her friendship and unconditional love and support show me daily that no matter what I do, she will be there for me.

My best-friends, Steph, Cassie, Kristina and Jenn. They have been through thick and thin with me. Together we have experienced heartache, happiness, sadness, joy, separation, love and excitement. They have been solid rocks for me to lean on in all times. Never casting a judging word toward me. Always telling me the honest truth, even if it hurt. Helping me get my life back in order when I felt like it was falling apart.

It’s so hard to narrow just one person down for something like this. As you can see, I simply can’t. I could write for days on how different people impacted my life. Just know that if you read this, and are not named specifically, you have had a HUGE part in my life and my development as a woman.

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